We work with mavericks transforming healthcare to create breakthrough innovative solutions.

Forge Harmonic equips clients with a clear understanding of what users, customers, and partners need to create human-centered products and services that stick.

We provide powerful insights, an unmatched knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem, and human-centered expertise so you can create innovative products and services to be viable, accessible, and easy to use.

Our team of problem solvers and storytellers gives you a competitive advantage in the market. Our decades of deep industry experience and creative talent enable you to bring your vision to life quickly.

What You Can Expect

Clarity of Direction

Our clients gain confidence about what problems they need to solve and how to apply their vision to build a 10x better solution.

Product-Market Fit

We find the attributes and capabilities that get customers asking, “When can I have it?”.

Validated Roadmaps

We ensure that your teams work on the things that really matter.

Healthcare is changing more rapidly than ever before.

New digital technologies continue to be deployed across the health ecosystem as organizations rush to support remote patient workflows, clinical care, hospital operations, and more due to COVID-19.

Innovative teams are developing new products and services – and significantly modifying those they already have – to ensure patients can get the right care wherever they are.

Are you meeting your customers needs?

Whether you are building the right product or the wrong one, the investment is the same. One will be a catalyst for growth, and the other is wasted time and money.

Our strategic, human-centered approach delivers the right solutions every time.

Shervin Kamkar, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Roche Sequencing and Life Sciences

“She’s excellent at strategy and great at design work, and she’s fantastic at bringing it together and understanding customer needs…..”

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Kerry Leonard, Co-Founder and VP Product, Bend HSA

“The level of expertise they brought to bear on the process was invaluable to our team…”

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Joshua Forman, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Confer Health

“Lisa is one of the few humans with the formal expertise and experience needed to support a fast-scaling venture with the tolerance for ambiguity one needs to excel at a startup…”

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Ira Cummings, Sr. Manager, Product Design

“Her expertise was immediately apparent, and as we worked together, she helped me hone where to focus my energy as a leader without giving me the answers…”

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We know healthcare.